Tinytask is an advent calendar designed to help you take steps towards greater happiness or vitality. Each time you open a compartment, you receive a new task. The tasks are fun, challenging, and easy to do in between other activities. Scientific research has proven that Tinytask really works!

Do happiness

Almost everyone would like to be happier or healthier – but how do you achieve that? Psychologists have shown that it's not so much about what you have, but more about what you do (your activities) and how you approach life (your mentality). Moreover, it's not effective to set yourself large goals; instead, it's better to focus on small steps that fit well into your daily life.

That's exactly what Tinytask is all about. Tinytask is a program with thirty tasks that are playful and surprising, but also very easy to do in between other activities. We have two calendars: Happiness and Vitality. Both are based on scientific research and have been extensively tested.

A beautiful gift for yourself or someone else

Tinytask is a calendar that you hang in a visible place: at home, at work, or anywhere else. When you feel like doing a new task, you open a compartment, behind which you find a colored coin. You can hang this coin on your keychain or place it somewhere visible. This serves as a reminder for the task you're going to do. The calendar is beautifully illustrated by Levi Jacobs and immediately motivates you to get started.

Take a completely different route home today. Have a good look around. What new places did you discover?

The next time you're home alone, put on some fun music and dance! How crazy dare you make it?

Who haven't you seen in a long time? Make an appointment with them to go out for lunch or coffee.

Repair something small or tidy up something in your house. For example, replace a broken lamp or tidy up a cluttered drawer.

The happiness calendar

Over the past twenty years, Positive Psychology ('the science of happiness') has researched the real factors behind human happiness. These insights are the foundation of the surprising tasks in the Happiness Calendar. The program offers practical steps to anyone who wants to become a little happier. And who wouldn't want that?

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The vitality calendar

Most people know how important it is to live a healthy life: to exercise enough, eat healthily, and be mentally balanced. But for many, working on health feels like a big challenge or an annoying obligation. However, small changes are actually the key to achieving a lot. This program shows how you can incorporate healthy habits into your daily life in a fun way.

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Who is Tinytask for?

Thanks to its graphic style and clear language, Tinytask is suitable for everyone aged 18 and over. Tinytask is used by individual users, and has also been successfully implemented in companies, municipalities, and healthcare institutions.

Success Stories

The Municipality of Rotterdam organizes the Fit Festival every year, focusing on vitality. For a recent edition, they distributed Tinytask calendars to 800 employees on this day, so they could continue to work on vitality for much longer. The calendar was a big success: there was a lot of posting about it on the internal memo board.

The French company L’Oreal purchased Tinytask calendars for a hundred employees of the R&D department for the holidays, so they could start the new year with an extra dose of happiness. This way, they got a head start on their New Year's resolutions!

Several health centers in the Utrecht region offered Tinytask for a year to pregnant women. This was part of a program to give young families a healthy start. The women could experiment with healthy habits before and during their leave, and then pass them on to their family.