The Happiness Calendar

Over the past twenty years, Positive Psychology ('the science of happiness') has researched what the real factors behind human happiness are. These insights are behind the surprising tasks of the Happiness Calendar. The program offers practical steps to anyone who wants to become a little happier. And who wouldn't want that?

Since ancient times, philosophers have wondered about the importance of happiness. Aristotle was very clear on this: happiness is the ultimate goal of everything people do and do not do. Inspired by his words, thinkers and scientists have then tried for over two thousand years to answer the question: what makes someone happy?

In our own time, this has led to a new scientific field: Positive Psychology. These scientists systematically study the 'factors behind happiness'. Their conclusion: your possessions, your job, and your living situation are important conditions, but real happiness comes from your daily activities (the things you do) and relationships (the people you interact with). You can give yourself a huge happiness boost by including small, meaningful activities in your daily life.

These findings are the power behind the happiness calendar. The tasks in the calendar are divided into the following four themes:

Discovery is a skill everyone learns as a child but some lose as an adult. Discovery stimulates creativity, openness, and positive emotions. This theme shows how you can bring a playful attitude into your daily life.

The beauty of our surroundings has a great impact on our mental well-being and happiness. Very often, we have influence over this. This theme provides practical ideas on how you can beautify your environment, in the literal sense, but also by creating order and structure.

Recently, many beneficial effects have been discovered about 'savoring', or pausing to appreciate the positive things in life. In this theme, participants work on tasks to be grateful for beautiful moments, relive them, and look forward to the beautiful things to come.

Few factors are as important for happiness as social contact. Through the tasks from this theme, you engage in new contacts and deepen existing relationships.

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