About us

Tinytask was developed in 2010 at Delft University of Technology by Prof. Dr. Pieter Desmet and then-student Hans Ruitenberg, using recent insights from Positive Psychology and Design Thinking. Their goal was to transform the lessons from scientific research on happiness into something that everyone can apply in their daily lives. The result was Tinytask, a system of keychains with surprising and fun tasks that can be easily done in between other activities.

Proven effect

In 2016, Desmet and Sääksjärvi published a study in which participants were given Tinytasks for six weeks. This group scored significantly higher on happiness after a few weeks compared to the control group that had not used Tinytask.

Further Development

Emotion Studio continues to develop Tinytask. In this process, we constantly seek collaboration with other experts. For instance, we have worked with various general practitioners and practice assistants to make Tinytask suitable for healthcare. For our organizational programs, we have collaborated with HR experts and career coaches. The calendars have been tested in a large number of projects. For example, Tinytask has already been implemented among employees of nursing homes, Unilever, and the Tax Authority.

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